Walk with Me – Treadmill Desk Attachment
Detachable Treadmill System

Walk with Me – Treadmill Desk Attachment

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A simple way to staying active while doing your everyday activities.
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·      32" x 11" x 1/2" scratch resistant attachment with full color print & protective edge.      

·      Lightweight, yet strong and large enough to hold any laptop, tablet, book and/or phone.

·         Quick installation, easily detachable board (Ideal for more than one user at different speed/walking paces)

·         Great to do light desk work while staying active; schoolwork, reading, online buying, researching.  Just not recommended for running while desk is in place.

·         A good way to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 


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To install, use a Phillips screwdriver and make sure the clamps are tightly secure to your treadmill handle bars. The top board attaches to them with a commercial grade Velcro already in place.

To detach, in case you want to run, just lift the top board; no need to remove the clamps and you are ready!

Clamp bases measurements: 8" length x 3.5" height with 1" to 2" opening for handle bars.

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